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It all started with the 'A Frame' which came from the insight, aptitude and courage of our founder Ian McRae.

Ian McRae’s pioneering spirit led him to develop production-line 'precut framing' and 'kitset housing' systems that made building a new home more achievable for many New Zealand families, creating a form of delivery and construction which had not previously been available in any structured form. This is a company that has stood the test of time. 50 years on the company remains a privately owned family business and the philosophy of providing the best quality and value homes to heartland New Zealanders continues, bringing together the very best from the past with the technology and contemporary designs of today, to deliver a unique and streamlined building experience. With over 6,700 families living in McRaeway Homes and a current portfolio of more than 50 standard house designs there is almost nothing McRaeway Homes can not offer. Whether you are building your dream home, your bach/crib, farm accommodation or anything in between, McRaeway Homes continues, as it has done for the last 50 years, to provide superior quality with competitive prices.


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